Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at the shook rehabilitation & wellness center

Who’s running your life? You, or pain? You, or your limited mobility?

The inability to perform the fundamental movements of daily life, from climbing stairs to carrying groceries, can hamper your lifestyle. Suddenly, you can’t do the things you love. You can’t enjoy time with friends. You, or a loved one suffering from pain and stiffness, are restricted to the same four walls, and even the same chair, day after day.

Physical therapy at the Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center offers relief. Our physical therapy services work in holistic fashion with occupational, balance, speech, and aquatic therapy to deliver relief and normal functioning to the fullest extent possible.

Physical therapy explained

What is physical therapy?

PT, as it’s known, preserves, enhances, or restores movement and physical function. Physical therapy teams help clients build strength and endurance.

Who can benefit from physical therapy?

Anyone whose functional movement is hampered by disability, injury, or disease. The Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center serves adults 18 and over, including Shook Home residents, short-term rehabilitation patients, and outpatients from the community.

What conditions does PT treat?

The answer is: Almost anything that limits functioning. Clients might have had surgery, a fall, sports mishap, or injuries from an accident. PT eases symptoms from medical conditions including COPD, back and extremity pain, lymphedema, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. A trained physical therapist can analyze a patient’s gait pattern to pinpoint the cause of pain that limits walking. Orthopedic patients rely on PT to regain full use of knees and hips after joint replacement surgery.

The Shook Rehabilitation & wellness center difference

The Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness offers multiple advantages for patients anxious to leave pain behind and move on with their lives. They include:

  • Short waits for appointments: With a doctor’s referral, our therapists can see patients within one week.
  • Holistic approach: On the first visit, we thoroughly evaluate movement patterns, medical history, and condition. Then we customize a treatment plan that targets the patient’s distinct needs. Because these needs often overlap, we address their full array with a broad complement of targeted therapies.
  • Teamwork: At the Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, we provide the care you need, when you need it. Our team members are skilled in occupational, speech, and balance therapy, as well as physical therapy. The therapy needed is delivered by the therapist best qualified to deliver it.
  • Personalized attention: The Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center therapists don’t direct patients to perform exercises and then walk away. We stay there, providing support, encouragement, and guidance on proper form, assuring maximum results from every session.
  • Convenience: Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center, opened in October 2017, is conveniently located in Chambersburg. We even offer transportation for outpatients who live within 10 miles of us – a great benefit for those who can’t drive or don’t have a ride here.

Make the Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center your choice.

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